Photo Philanthropy – Nashville Scene

These Small Things at Blend Studio

Photo Philanthropy

Jack Silverman

NEWS FLASH: Art isn’t some expendable luxury, like private corporate jets or shaved truffles on your pasta. In fact, it’s the very thing that, for a large segment of the human race, gives life meaning and makes our existence worthwhile. So when the government and school systems of our ass-backward nation slash away at art funding like Jason Voorhees on a Friday night bender, they’re basically helping to suck our souls right out from under us—which is why grassroots efforts like These Small Things are so important. Local photographer Eric Denton has taken four promising young photographers under his wing to teach them the techniques, secrets and joys of fine art photography. Chad Gocking, Caroline Howard, Ethan Howard and and Haddie Salchow, ages 10 to 14, have worked with Denton to co-curate and create the work for the exhibit, and all proceeds from the sale of the art goes to buy digital cameras to be donated to the Sumner County School System. (For info on how to donate money or cameras, visit

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