Gallery Crawl Tonight: WorkForce Rebellion + Oasis Center


In collaboration with the Oasis Center

February 6, 2010 – February 27, 2010

Opening Reception:
First Saturday Gallery Crawl: February 6, 2010; 6-9pm

workforcerebellionWorkForce Rebellion and the Oasis Center join together in a collaborative visual arts project by creating a large street-art style mural.  The result of this collaborative, community-based project will be on display at Blend Studio from February 6 to February 27, 2010, with an opening reception on February 6, from 6-9pm.  The exhibition will also include work by members of Nashville’s WorkForce Rebellion group as well as a series of hand-painted posters specific to the Oasis Center project.  The popular WorkForce Rebellion posters will be for sale, with 50 percent of sales supporting the Oasis Center.  The opening reception will also feature music by WorkForce Rebellion members DJ Kidsmeal and DJ Wick-it.

Audroc of WorkForce Rebellion will be working with students of Jere Baxter Middle School, ranging from ages 12 to 15 years old.  The collaboration will take place at Oasis Center’s Youth Opportunity Center and will give the students an chance to focus on ideas of growth, empowerment, and positive change by creating a large, portable, street-art style mural.  The students are part of a group called “Youth Engagement Team” led by Oasis Center’s Daniel Furbish.  As a Youth Engagement Specialist, Furbish’s dedication to the students through after-school programming is a result of his goal to empower youth by helping them understand that they do matter in their communities and that they can make a difference.  Various engaging activities enable the students to overcome the obstacles of an ageist society while becoming activists-in-training.  The project will allow the students to create and follow through on something concrete and tangible with the end result being something they can be proud of.  After the exhibition at Blend Studio, the mural will be given to the Oasis Center for display and to further their commitment to reach and assist youth.

WorkForce Rebellion is a creative group consisting of artists and dj’s dedicated to perfecting their craft everyday through a strong work ethic. By doing what they love, they try to influence others to do the same, whether it is singing, dancing, writing, or anything that helps you find that spark that makes you excited about tomorrow and the next day. The members of the group consist of Pakoe, Ragoe, Rex2, Audroc, Kidsmeal, and Wick-It. However, the WorkForce movement is growing everyday and we consider all those who support what we do as a part of the Rebellion.

Oasis Center’s vision is to live in a world where all young people are safe, valued, connected to caring adults; and are prepared for productive and fulfilling lives. We believe that progress is made toward this goal when we develop and encourage perspectives based on hope, a vision of what is possible, and the courage to act. Oasis Center works to help young people overcome serious challenges that prevent them from transitioning into a healthy adulthood. We are committed to partnering with young people to address these challenges, including homelessness, violence, depression and low self esteem, disconnection, and failing schools.
The  Youth Opportunity Center houses 10 different youth organizations—all under one roof— that  offer programs collectively reaching youth in 82 different schools, as well as the hundreds of youth living on the streets of Nashville.  For more information about Oasis Center, please visit

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