Separate Paths Common Goals

East Nashville Community Crime Awareness and Prevention

August 7 – 28, 2010

First Saturday Gallery Crawl: August 7, 2010; 6-9pm

At the Tomato Art Festival: August 14, 2010

In East Nashville at 5 points

Artist Talk & Workshop: August 21; 1-3pmspcg

“Separate Paths Common Goals”, a project developed by artist Ben C. Vitualla to address crime awareness and prevention in East Nashville, will be on exhibit at the Blend Studio, 79 Arcade building, downtown Nashville. The opening reception will be Saturday, August 7th from 6-9 pm during the First Saturday Gallery Crawl. In addition to the exhibit at Blend Studio, an interactive booth will be set up at the Tomato Art Festival in East Nashville on August 14th. An artist talk and workshop is planned for August 21st from 1-3pm at Blend Studio.

“Separate Paths Common Goals” is an ongoing project to raise awareness about crime prevention in the East Nashville area, while bringing together local community through fun and informative events. In the fall of 2009, there were three “Separate Paths Common Goals” (SPCG) events scheduled throughout East Nashville. Activities during these events addressed the issue of crime and prevention through video documentation, interactive art projects, questionnaires, and information areas. Wooden life-size figures of children were painted at the events by attendees and then displayed outside of their homes as public art in private spaces in East Nashville neighborhoods The results of these events will be on display at Blend Studio through display of video, photo documentation, and wooden cut-outs of children.


The first activity of the event will be video testimonials recorded from the attendees. Attendees will be asked questions about neighborhood crimes and their thoughts on crime prevention. During the second activity, attendees are invited to paint together on flat figurative sculptures. These sculptures will be cut-outs of figures of children. This hands-on, collaborative project will bring together individuals and initiate dialog between community members. The finished, painted figures will be shared with attendees to be displayed outside of their homes as public art in private spaces in East Nashville neighborhoods. The third activity of the event will be a questionnaire addressing neighborhood crime awareness and prevention. An information area will be set up as the fourth activity where printed materials will be available from various local resources related to helping families and young people dealing with issues in the community.


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