Iwonka Waskowski

June 4, 2011- June 25, 2011

Opening Reception:

First Saturday Gallery Crawl: June 4, 2011; 6-9pm

Blend Studio presents, Before/After, a solo show of multi-media works by local Nashville artist, Iwonka Waskowski.

“Iwonka works within an intuitive place of form finding, using non-traditional materials and non-representational forms to express these ideas.”

Iwonka’s creative process stems from memories, thoughts and emotions that surround a significant personal experience. She works in a variety of mediums that include drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. Iwonka’s work tends to focus on ideas relating to human potential and loss, the psychology of behavioral patterns, and childhood memories. The idea of change and transformation are explored through her use of material. Iwonka said the intent of her work is to create a visual dialogue between the memory of an experience and the present thought process, encouraging the viewer to participate and contribute to the transformation of the work.

In her recent body of work, Missing Chromosome Series, Part I, (2010-2011), Iwonka creates works on paper involving the fluid manipulation of coffee, a transformative element used to confront the loss of her sister. She continues this series through mixed media drawings, sculpture and installation pieces that represent conversations and connected moments (before) and the missing dialogue and lost moments between sisters (after).


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