“And Worms Will Never Charm Me,” a Solo Show of Sork by Amanda Dillingham

Blend Studio’s is excited to present “And Worms Will Never Charm Me,” a solo show of work by Amanda Dillingham. The show consists of a variety of pen and ink drawings and embossings that explore the theme of regeneration as it relates to humans, earthworms, planaria (tape worms) and starfish. The exhbit runs April 7th – April 28th with the opening on April 7th from 6-9pm. For more information please see the artist statement below and/or contact Blend Studio’s at blendstudio79@gmail. com.

Artist Statement

A streak of light bursts through the ocean’s rocky surface illuminating a starfish systematically sucking water through it’s spiky, tubed rays as it slowly moves across the ocean floor. A large looming net plunges in from the surface above catching the starfish as part of it’s bounty. Serendipitously, the starfish snaps right at the point where it’s ray connects to the body. Although impending doom seems certain the fortuitous starfish refuses to wither away into nothingness, instead it becomes two.

At the same moment, a twenty-something girl stands in front of a mirror assessing herself and the day. Her occupation calls for formality with her appearance in order to seem the appropriate age and demeanor. Her plans also include an evening with friends for which she needs to be casual and fun, while still maintaining a hot and sexy vibe that makes her alluring. How will she appeal to both? Like the starfish she will break into two.

To regenerate is to undergo moral, spiritual or physical renewal. Many species such as planarian (tapeworms), earthworms and starfish have regenerative properties, demonstrating renewal from the breaking of their bodies.

While the human body also has biological, regenerative qualities (the finger nail or navel, for instance), the notion is even more applicable to the less literal concept of self. We allow ourselves to be culturally defined by various structures and standards in order to create a new version of self that will ‘fit in’ through cosmetic surgery, diets, exercise, fashion, cosmetics, tattoos and piercings. As our identities change to adhere to social constructs, we are in a constant state of reconstruction.

These drawings blur the line between the human form and regenerative species showing fragments of both, interacting, reacting and integrating. Matches have been embossed into the paper as a mark of potentiality.

Through these drawings I invite the viewer to consider how they too regenerate. Regeneration is an opportunity to not only recreate ourselves but also recreate our cultural ideas. When the net descends will it result in capture or recreation?


2 thoughts on ““And Worms Will Never Charm Me,” a Solo Show of Sork by Amanda Dillingham

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