The Nero Jones Show

Graffiti artist Nero Jones created paintings of the Nashville skyline. A member of WorkForce Rebellion he is exhibiting cut paper stencils to create images.The exhbit runs July 7th – July 28th. WorkForce Rebellion is a creative group consisting of artists and dj’s dedicated to perfecting their craft everyday through a strong work ethic. By doing what they love, they try to influence others to do the same, whether it is singing, dancing, writing, or anything that helps you find that spark that makes you excited about tomorrow and the next day. The members of the group consist of Pakoe, Ragoe, Rex2, Audroc,Nero Jones, Kidsmeal, and Wick-It. However, the WorkForce movement is growing every day and we consider all those who support what we do as a part of the Rebellion.


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