Josh Worman: A Room Full of Stuff

Josh Worman is a local Nashville artist who recently graduated from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Among many other concerns, he is often preoccupied with issues surrounding materials and materiality. What can he use to make art? Where do his materials come from (or does he even need physical materials to make art in the first place)? And in this age of “late” capitalism on a global scale, who makes these materials, where are they made, and how do they get from one place to another? Also, once these materials are transformed into art objects, how are those objects altered by being shipped, displayed, and bought and sold?

Worman is also fascinated and amused by language, words, and linguistic phenomena. In some of his work, he attempts to question or destabilize, often through the use of humor, the authority of the language that is deployed by “official” sources in society and culture.

He feels as though he has many more questions than answers, but ultimately it is this state of not knowing that gives him the impetus to continue to think, perceive, write, make, and do.joshworman


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