mellow yellow/ orange crush By Tiffany Dyer Brown (Denton)


mellow yellow/ orange crush

By Tiffany Dyer Brown (Denton)

February 6, 2016 – February 29, 2016

Opening Reception:

First Saturday Gallery Crawl: February 6, 2016; 6-9pm

Blend Studio will be hosting new work by Tiffany Dyer Brown (Denton) during the month of February. The artist will be available on the opening night of the First Saturday Art Crawl.

Companies are being criticized for appropriating art ideas, concepts and images from artists and mass-producing their work with no credit given to the original creator. Mellow yellow/ orange crush is an exhibition by Tiffany Dyer Brown (Denton) exploring the processes when credit is given to the artist and how she fostered the relationship with a large corporation.

Ten years ago Tiffany Dyer Brown (Denton) had a series of six fabric art pieces selected by a large retail company. Her biography and contact information was included on all fabric art pieces. The six fabric art pieces were mass produced and were sold in stores nationwide.

After the work had been in the store for the season, the vendor that work with the factories in China contacted Tiffany Dyer Brown (Denton) in hopes she would buy all remaining inventory (thousands of pieces) and have it shipped from California to Tennessee in huge crates. She declined and later found the work at “everything is $1” stores in Kentucky.



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