“An Introspective View of Patterns and Textures” By Olivia Molinaro Landry

Olivia Molinaro-Landry 3405_10153491168729635_2520390058768375014_n

Blend Studio will be hosting new work by Olivia Molinaro Landry during the month of April. The artist will be available on the opening night of the First Saturday Art Crawl.

Artist Statement

I began my studio practice making multimedia work using photographs or drawings. Layering images onto wood or canvas and marks made by using an exacto knife. I would continue making marks with paint, watercolor, oil pastels, and basically whatever I could get my hands on.

My current work I am using only acrylic paint on canvas. By using limited materials I have sharpened my painting abilities. I have become increasingly interested in juxtaposing patterns and textures of my everyday life. Losing myself in a design of a yoga mat over the linoleum in the kitchen floor, or a favorite ring over a tie-dyed skirt, or a tiny me against a massive brick wall. The possibilities are endless.


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