“In Search of Autonomy: Dissonance of Free Will” Kazadi Kazad

Kazadi Kazad youareibecome


May 7, 2016 – May 30, 2016

Opening Reception:

First Saturday Gallery Crawl: May 7, 2016; 6-9pm

Blend Studio will be hosting new work by Kazadi Kazad during the month of May. The artist will be available on the opening night of the First Saturday Art Crawl.

In Search of Autonomy: Dissonance of Free Will is intended to serve as evidence of the persuasive relationship between fiction and reality. In this series, the juxtaposition of film and viral footage further illustrates how a society can influence the worldview of individuals and groups. The constant promotion of these images, real and imagined, reinforce generic stereotypes and ideologies to the mainstream. With this meditative video series, I demonstrate this effect and invite the audience to begin challenging, or at least, questioning their routine behavioral patterns and beliefs.


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