Sounds of Colors: Presented by mother and daughter. Works by Nozomi Takasu and Etsuko Takasu


Sound of Colors: Presented by mother and daughter.

Works by Nozomi Takasu and Etsuko Takasu

April 7, 2018 – May 2, 2018

Opening Reception:

First Saturday Gallery Crawl: April 7, 2018; 6-9pm

Nozomi Takasu and Etsuko Takasu will have Sound of Colors: Presented by mother and daughter a series exhibited at Blend Studio during the art crawl Saturday April 7th, 2018 from 6 to 9 PM. Both artists will be available on the opening night of the First Saturday Art Crawl.

Etsuko Takasu wanted the exhibition to reflect on her daughter’s musical talent. Also bringing her renewed interest and opportunities to listen to Jazz music. In 2017, when she saw a Jazz drummer (Duffy Jackson) was playing, in her mind she saw a beautiful scene: trees growing into the sky from his hands with each movement of his drum-sticks. She was very moved with this experience and she painted. Her initial artwork for this exhibition started with that piece.

She has been collecting bells since she was a child. She kept her interest with bells for years because of its shapes and sounds. For this exhibition she painted her very favorite bell.  Through collaborating with Nozomi Takasu her daughter on this project she discovered the beautiful visual connections that she make with the musical sounds around her.

Nozomi Takasu

Artist Statement:

“Where are you from?” a common phrase for people to ask me. I respond by saying I was born and raised in Japan, spent 9 months in Australia, 1 month in South Korea, and moved to Nashville, TN in 2010. Exploring the world and meeting new people is my passion. Creating art to me is like exploring the world and it always seems takes me home wherever I happen to be.

Places, cultures, nature, animals, music, peace, and love inspire my art. Visually and conceptually, my message is about the potential to become aware of different perspectives, which I gained from experiencing these differences and seeking to understand them.


Nozomi Takasu moved to U.S. from Japan to study music in 2010. But later changed her major to Visual Art at Belmont University, Nashville TN. She was very thankful and excited sharing cultural influences in the art classes. She enjoys learning about the Japanese influence on Western art and is fascinated by different cultures from all over the world. She likes using cultural motifs in her artwork.


Nozomi grew up in Gifu, Japan, with artistic and musical family.

Her mother (painter/illustrator) was particularly influential, teaching Nozomi the joys of being creative. In 2013, Nozomi and her mother started collaborating as “Takasu Design” making cute bilingual greeting cards to introduce the both language with illustration.

Etsuko Takasu 

Artist Statement:

~ How I paint ~

I follow my intuition and feelings, putting paint on canvas, with colors and shapes. What I feel is more important than what I see in my paintings.

~ My Childhood ~

I grew up by the river. I would pick up rocks, tiles or a pieces of broken glasses and collected them in a box. I was also into watching wild birds and enjoyed played with flowers and grass. I loved being outside, surrounded by nature.

~ Where I studied Oil painting ~

I started oil painting the end of high school because I wanted to study it in collage.

Joshibi University of Art and Design was where I studied oil painting among other fine art mediums.

Right after college I went to Europe to develop my art. I stayed Paris for 6 months where I began drawing people in 5 seconds, which is still is my hobby to do wherever I go.

~ Why Oil Painting ~

There is nothing quite as wonderful as the feeling of the brush in my hand and the oil paint gliding smoothly onto the canvas! That feeling is why I paint. Another reason that oil painting is my favorite is that I can take my time, since the paint is slow to dry.

~ My current Art style ~

My subject matter has been nature, animals, people, landscapes, and these past years I have been incorporating Japanese traditional patterns into my painting. Since I teach Japanese traditional tea ceremonies and see Japanese patterns and motifs daily, it is very natural that these should influence my art.


Etusko was born and grew up in Gifu, Japan. She received her BFA with an emphasis oil painting from Joshibi University of Art and Design in Tokyo. She continued studying art in Europe for a year after she graduated. She worked as an illustrator for a publishing company after she returned from Europe. She has published a picture book “Osusowakeya” in 2006. She and her daughter, who lives in U.S., started collaborating as “Takasu Design” in December 2013. They make bilingual greeting cards, LINE stickers etc. They had their first Art show together July 2017 in Nashville, TN at Platetone printmaking paper and book arts.


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