Nashville City Paper – Staff Picks

Nashville City Paper July 30, 2009 – Link to online article

Tiffany Denton is helping save the planet one sock at a time. While many are focusing on recycling paper and plastic bottles, Denton, a local artist, is collecting tired, worn out pieces of clothing from around the world to use in her framed collages and in projects she makes with her students as an elementary school art teacher.

After creating a blog to spread the word about her “Wasted Thread” project, Denton started receiving donations of worn out fabric from around the world.

Her latest installation, opening at Nashville’s new Blend Studio on Saturday, was created using a sewing machine to stitch individual fabric segments into one long piece that will pour out of a trash can suspended from one corner of the ceiling. People will be able to walk in, around, and under the flowing piece.

The fabric she doesn’t use will be recycled at a textile recycling facility, and any proceeds from her artwork sales will be donated to, a popular Web site that connects donors to people looking for micro-loans.

Blend Studio in the downtown arcade is the creation of artists Samantha Callahan and Ben Vitualla, and it’s fast becoming a home for artists who work on community-based projects.
— Bennett Davidson


3 thoughts on “Nashville City Paper – Staff Picks

    • Thank you!
      There are a few images on the wasted thread page and there is a video link in our recent blog post about talk of the town, a local news story feature.

      More images will be posted after tonight’s opening reception.

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