98B Future Market

98BThe Future Market was conceptualized as a reaction to mass production and consumerism. It is 98B COLLABoratory’s hope that the soul or spirit of exchange in commerce can be affected; wherein the personal engagement between the buyer and the seller or the creator and the collector is present. It is a bazaar, garage sale, thrift shop, black market and meeting place. Artists, craft makers, designers and hoarders sell their wares: from artworks, limited edition or hand-made clothes, bags, jewelry, accessories, toys, zines, CDs, stickers, cookies to unwanted things that need a new home. Supporting the Future Market also helps enable these individuals to sustain their art practice, promotes independent brands and provides a venue for creative to showcase their works. Since we transferred our space to Escolta, Manila, Philippines we are also able to do our share in revitalizing the area through this particular program.


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