Carved Utilitarian Wooden Bowls

Featuring Denny Adcock

June 2,2012 – June 30,2012

Opening Reception: First Saturday Gallery Crawl: June 2, 2012; 6-9pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, June 30,2012, 1-3pm

“Carved Utilitarian Wooden Bowls” is a project created by Denny Adcock. The carved bowls have existed since the beginnings of civilization. Rather than producing bowlpurely functional pieces I explore the natural curves, blemishes and colors of sections of wood that most would see no value in. In these convoluted shapes the real strength of the wood exists and hopefully my shaping and carving shows that strength. Except for the occasional accent piece all of my wood is from trees that have fallen due to age or weather. Indeed the maple and cherry pieces literally feel around me having come from large trees in my yard damaged in last springs wind storms. I use a food safe beeswax/lemon oil finish to bring out the grain of the pieces.

An artist talk is scheduled for Saturday, June 30,2012, from 1-3pm, in which Denny Adcock will explain his interest in wood carving.


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