Scavenger: work by Jared Freihoefer

Opening Reception: First Saturday Art Crawl: November 1, 2014; 6-9pm

Blend Studio will jaredbe hosting new work by Jared Freihoefer during the month of November. The artist will be available on the opening night of the First Saturday Art Crawl.

Artist Statement
The latest collection of works by Jared Freihoefer primarily deals with the symbiotic nature of relationships: examining human needs, wants, and the ways in which we acquire these from the one another. Upon entering into relationships of varying degrees of vanities, we offer ourselves up to be examined and borrowed from. In turn, He is considering the idea that we borrow, take, even feed off the process of collaging, tearing, illustrating, painting, deconstructing and repeating, allows him to analyze the act of taking from what is available around him and building something new. The catharsis of tearing away and rebuilding satisfies a selfish need with in all of us to somehow effect or change each other. In keeping with this theme. He developed a series of works created using a combination of “scavenged” materials in conjunction with his own printed texts, paint, graphite and canvas.


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