Sarah C.B. Guthrie will paint live at “What 3 Colors Bring You Joy?”—

Solo exhibition of paintings opening at Blend Studio in Nashville March 3, 2018

Sarah C.B. Guthrie will show the latest works from her painting series—What 3 Colors Bring You Joy?—at Blend Studio in Nashville in March 2018. The show opens on Saturday March 3, 2017, 6-9 PM at 79 Arcade. Guthrie will paint What 3 Colors Bring You Joy? LIVE on-site in response to the audience at 6 PM, 7 PM and 8 PM. People who attend will have a chance to see their joy come to life!

The paintings in this show—in a range of sizes on panels—mark an important moment when painting, a tradition dating back tens of thousands of years, is brought into the digital age by work that is inspired by Guthrie’s social media community. “The works on exhibit at Blend Studio mark an important next step in the series development: going larger and on panels,” said Guthrie. “I am loving how the fluid acrylic paint responds to the surface of the wood panels and can’t wait to debut this collection in Nashville.”

What 3 Colors Bring You Joy? is my painting series based in dialogue,” said Guthrie. “It’s important for people to feel heard and valued. A lot of my friends and family have had some really difficult times and I wanted to do something to help.” The series came out of a morning walk with her dog. “The sky’s colors were beautiful and I felt a joy that I wanted to share,” remembers Guthrie. “I came home and asked my social media community: ‘What 3 Colors Bring You Joy?’”

She didn’t expect many people would comment. But just a few hours later she had dozens of responses. She took the answers that poured in and painted 5” x 7” paintings, posted them on social media, tagged and thanked the people who had shared their colors. “This series requires people’s input, for me to know what brings them joy,” she said, “and that’s what I love about it!”

It was an 11-year old fan named Duncan who said the paintings “combine Amazon and Picasso.” Guthrie shared, “I loved his insight into this series—he completely understood the on-demand nature of the work and how it mirrors our times. From buying pet food online to ordering a very specifically-made coffee to streaming movies, we have become accustomed to getting what we want, right away, and I wanted to make custom art by hand that shared that responsive energy.”

Guthrie has been actively drawing and painting for over 20 years. Her award-winning work is collected internationally and has exhibited across the United States. Her paintings may be previewed and purchased on her website:


To reach Sarah C.B. Guthrie for more information or to schedule an interview: call
+1-703-298-6687; email, or Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @ArtistGu3.


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